Quotes to Live By from Top Award Winning Spa Directors

In these unprecendented times of economic upheaval and spa growth the best leaders know that their staff’s performance and how they make their guest feel  is the ultimate key to success.

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Here, to begin 2012 with pearls of  wisdom are quotes to live by from some of the top award winning spa directors around the world. Apply their words wisely to your own situation and watch the magic begin.

“It is not only about the treatments or our amazing destinations, at the end of the day it’s about the guest experience. From the moment our guests arrive in our spas, all senses are activated. It’s the entire experience that matters.”

Christine Hays, Vice President of Operations-Oberoi Hotel & Resort, India. 2011 Hall of Fame winner and 2011 Travel & Leisure’s Best in Asia award rankings of 1st, 3rd and 4th  

“You have to appreciate what people do; if you don’t, nothing else that you do matters. A thank you goes a long way. And you’d be surprised; people will bend over backwards for you, it creates loyalty, and that’s what makes the difference, because the bottom line is-if your staff is happy, your guests are happy! And you have to listen to your staff. You have to give people the time of day. Don’t cut them off-listen”.

Tracey Archer, Manager-The Spa at Sandy Lane, Barbados. 2011 Leading Spa of the World & “Best Spa in the Caribbean”

“The front desk people are some of the most important of the spa. I don’t want to put more emphasis on one group over the other but they are the hosts of the party, the hosts of the day. They are the window to the spa; they are who clients have first contact with.”

Danuta Mieloch, Owner- Rescue Rittenhouse Spa, Philadelphia. Winner of “Best Spa” & “Best Facial” 6 consecutive years since 2004.

“Training is absolutely a key element of having the best team, enhancing their technical skills, knowledge and making them more confident and motivated in their work. We also have a dedicated training programme throughout the year to share new trends and treatments.”

Galina Antoniouck, Director-Caracalla Spa, Dubai.  2011 “Best Therapist”, “Best Treatment” and “Best Spa”.

 “In terms of product sales; here at La Mamounia our first priority is to respond to our client’s needs. We have taken a very conscious decision, not to use any “aggressive” sales technique and strangely enough we sell just as many products, as in other spas with far more aggressive methods. Can we improve? Absolutely. Only a fool rests on his laurels.”

Aude Koch, Directrice-La Mamounia, Marrakech, Morocco. 2011 “Best Hotel for Service” & “Best Hotel Spa in the World”

I strongly believe training is the key to success in any Spa’s operation. A combination of practical and theoretical training is great for the hosts. If a Spa doesn’t have its own Spa Trainer, a refresher training needs to be done every sixth month.

Carolina Moquist, Director-Six Senses, Zighy Bay, Oman. 2011 “Best Spa Design”, “Best Destination Spa”“Best Spa Director”

“‘Spa people’ are very different ‘creatures’ to ‘hospitality people’. I think they have natural caring personas and this certainly can be seen wherever you go in the world. Spa staff needs to be treated differently and understood; we are extremely sensitive people who have a passion for what we do.”

Jackie Avis, Director-The Oyster Box, Umhlanga Rocks, ZA. 2011 “Best Luxury Wellness Spa”