Bridal Facials (part 2)

A lot of girls love going to spas but if it’s a first time for you it can be a bit daunting. And if you’re looking for an esthetician who is knowledgeable about your skin it can seem like an insurmountable task. In Bridal Facials part I.

I recommended ways to find your own skin care guru. Assuming you were successful,  here is what you want to do to maximize the benefits of your time spent with her. First be on time. You’ll want to arrive at the spa early to enjoy the full experience and not have to rush your treatment. (Often if I am early I’ll take my client in the treatment room earlier just to spend more time discussing her initial treatment.) Be prepared to tell her what you use on your skin. She doesn’t really care about your MAC color palette. Know what you cleanse with, if you exfoliate and what moisturizer you use. I can’t tell you how often I’ll ask my clients what they use every day and they draw a blank. Don’t point out your zits and hyperpigmentation. That conversation is a waste of time. Your esthetician has eyes and she should be examining your skin through her loupe (magnifying lens). She probably sees more than you think she does. Also don’t tell her your skin type. She is a professional and can determine that herself. Often depending upon how you care for your skin it can masquerade as another skin type altogether so you may not really you’re your true skin type. For instance many people who have oily skin think it is dry because of the amount of dead cells adhering to the surface.


Your wedding date is extremely important because depending upon the condition of your skin more or less time must be spent to whip it into pristine shape for the big day. If you are getting married next weekend your esthy should never do anything that can cause trauma to the skin. Her only task should be to make it look beautiful. If your esthetician is highly regarded among brides listen to her closely. If what she is saying makes sense to you try and trust her. Remember she is the expert and this is uncharted territory for you. If you feel that she is just trying to sell you- get the basic facial only. If I know that a bride is wary of a more intensive treatment I will sometimes do a little extra that I know will make a huge difference in the beauty of their skin. I know that they will return post wedding because they see the results of their facial and trust me. Your facial should consist of the following basic steps:

Steaming (maybe)
Extraction (maybe)

If your wedding is months away and you decide to embark upon a full regimen follow what your esthy recommends to the letter. It makes no sense to invest in products and not use them. Finally you must drink as much water as possible to maximize the beauty of your skin. Water is free and one of the best beauty tools you can get.…