5 Spa Tips to Prepare for the Flotus

A couple of weeks ago I went to my doctor for a checkup. He told me that he wanted to draw blood for lab work to complete the exam. I felt perfectly healthy so I saw absolutely no reason to be tortured by the process of having a piece of metal jabbed into my arm. After a stare down (which he won) I allowed myself to be taken to the “blood room”.  This really sharp older nurse with silver gray hair came in.  I could tell that she was “seasoned” by the way she tapped on my veins to prep for the draw. I shut my eyes tightly and began to do Lamaze breathing like I was about to pop out triplets. A few seconds later she asked me why I was breathing like that. “To prepare for the needle” I said. “Well you can stop now; I already took your blood”.


What’s the lesson in this? Everyone is not the same. People who perform the same job always have different levels of skill.

Unfortunately when it comes to spa-ing, expertise of brown skin is often low. For women of color poor experiences have occurred so often that it is now an expectation and standard. I had a conversation with a client and she admitted that she thought facials were supposed to be painful because each experience she had had was such. She said her mother had warned her against coming to the spa because her skin might be irreversibly damaged. Destiny fulfilled. In fact that does not have to be the case but here’s what you need to know;


Facials don’t hurt. If you are going to someone who causes you pain, they are probably damaging your skin. Stop going immediately!


Your skin is not taught in depth at esthetic schools. Therefore you are always on the lower end of someone’s learning curve unless they consciously seek out ethnic skin clients. You must find someone who specifically understands how your skin works. Make her your new BFF.


You deserve a quality experience. Before you spend your money with a spa ensure that you will receive knowledgeable skin care by requesting an expert.  Do not book the appointment if they don’t have one. It’s important that you tell them why. Wouldn’t you do that for your hair?


Your skin deserves a consultation. Don’t just go blindly to any facialist. Get a consultation first to determine if she is a good match for you.


You are not alone. This is a prevailing issue that’s not going away because 80% of the world has brown skin; the spa industry has to catch up.